Apr 30, 2013

Very interesting tell me more by hunterjuarez

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Apr 28, 2013

😎 by hunterjuarez

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Vin Scully warms up (via @mtycks). by dodgers

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My handsome date last night! @that1hairguy #roomielove #dhm #loveforevertrue by abbeygraceful

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Apr 23, 2013

@labelabel @lynns415 @martinbelmana by acitizenofdaworld

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Mark Ellis launches career home run No. 100, and for good measure adds No. 101. AJ Ellis adds a two-run double and the #Dodgers defeat the #Mets, 7-2. by dodgers

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Sam made the best chili and cornbread stuffed jalepeΓ±os for dinner she's the best! by nickmoefosho

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New sweater thanks Sam! #13bucksthankstarget by nickmoefosho

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21st birthday dinner! by nickmoefosho

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Me and my roomate roll sushi#crabroll by nickmoefosho

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Made ribs and corn for under $4 #whachaknowabouthat by nickmoefosho

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Home made fish and chips#cod#healthier#pescado by nickmoefosho

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Apr 22, 2013

@timxallenxsmith @bmass22 @martinbelmana reunited and it feels so good by hunterjuarez

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by hunterjuarez

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Long as my bitches love me by hunterjuarez

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Good day yesterday! #gogiants#grizzlystadium#kingswearrings by nickmoefosho

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@bmdc27 #TurnUp! by dodgers

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Apr 15, 2013

Photo Skitch Document


Apr 12, 2013

@h_anne89 I miss you 😩 #classic #duckface 😚😚 by amberrrlinds

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by hunterjuarez

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Apr 10, 2013

Joey Gladstone #fullhouse #mullet by lynns415

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#skaggs by h_anne89

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